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Elections - 2001

Poes Garden celebrates 'people's verdict'

The doors of the Poes Garden residence of the AIADMK Supremo J Jayalalitha, normally closed for visitors, were on Sunday thrown open and jubilant party workers rushed in and out. There was cheer on every face, as the unpredictably massive result became clear. ``Yes I knew we were going to win. But this is a fantastic surprise,'' said a partyman as he burst a cracker.

The smoke rose high and the sound of the crackers subdued all voices. Cadres danced about with the two-leaves symbol across their chest.

Wearing her latest favourite, a peacock-green saree, and a broad smile and with a certain confidence in her gait, she calmly spoke to the waiting media inside her house.

An excited former state police chief Walter Davaram came rushing into `Veda Nilayam' with a bouquet in hand. Jayalalitha answered every question asked, almost humbled by the victory. She even asked a cameraman politely to take off the hat he was wearing. ``I accept the verdict of the people with bowed head and folded hands in all humility. I expected this landslide victory because I could feel the mood of the people wherever I went,'' she said.

She pointed out that a victory of such magnitude meant the expectations of the people were high and that she would work hard to rise to that high level.

She attributed the landslide victory of her front in the state to the ``non-performance of the DMK government'', the perception that the DMK was behind the rejection of her nomination papers and the ``massive corruption'' indulged by the out-going government.

Asked how she would maintain her relationship with the centre, she said: ``Nothing can be achieved by pursuing a policy of confrontation. I will try to extract maximum for the development of Tamil Nadu.''

She listed out `massive corruptions', the closure of hundreds and thousands of factories, water scarcity and free run of anti-social elements as issues she would take up. She then waved to her party cadres with the two-leaves symbol - to the people who believed in her confidence and trusted her ability to fight back.

Sweets then were taken out in huge plates and distributed to the people outside. As the people revelled outside, the usually hostile black-cats and security personnel stood outside to join the fun.

Certainly, it has been a stomping victory to her slogan: ``Makkal Tirpe Mahesan Tirpe'' (People's verdict is God's verdict).

I'll be a good mother, says Amma

AIADMK general secretary J Jayalalitha, whose resounding success in the Tamil Nadu assembly polls came on Mothers' day on Sunday, said it was a fitting victory.

"People of Tamil Nadu consider me their mother so I think it is a fitting victory," she told reporters at her residence. "Only a mother knows what a child wants," she said adding "I will prove to be a good mother."

Earlier, as the gates to the Poes Garden residence of Jayalalitha were opened for the media, scores of party workers sporting AIADMK colours and carrying party flags gate crashed creating utter confusion.

Emerging from within and immediately realising the futility of attempting to address the press with all the hustle and bustle, she conceded requests from the media to be addressed inside her home.

People slogan is Jay Jay Jayalalitha Jaythuvital Jayalalitha

AIADMK's History

A.I.A.D.M.K. was founded by the Matinee idol M.G.Ramachandran famous cinema actor in South India in the year 1972. After breaking away from DMK, MGR started a new political outfit only to challenge the DMK President M. Karunanidhi. He called his party as Anna D.M.K.The parting away of MGR from DMK had an impact on the ruling DMK. Became MGR was described by people as friend of the poor (YEZHAI PANGALAN). Even carefully he had chosen the character depicting him as poors, friend in Tamil films. "KALKI" the famous tamil weekly wrote an editorial ‘Test for the Truth’ (SATHIYA SODHANAI) to narrate MGR’s expulsion from DMK. There was an alarming sympathy for MGR everywhere. This was evident from the Election result of Dindigul parliament bye election. After few months of its birth, MGR’S ADMK candidate and a lawyer Mayadevar was elected with a huge margin even pushing back the ruling DMK to the third place. Virtually the election was between Cong (0) (lead by Kamaraj) and ADMK.

MGR gradually dominated the Tamil Nadu politics and arranged his party in an organised manner. DMK parliamentary wing was divided with some MPS joining MGR as also the Legislature party. K.A. Krishnaswamy’s "THENNAGAM" and Tamil daily was used as official organ of ADMK (K.A.K. was a DMK MP) MGR teamed up with DMK and later with Cong.I). He and Mr. M. Kalyanasundaram framed charges of commission and omission by the DMK Govt. (For all that, then Indian Prime Minister was behind them). The DMK Govt. was dismissed on the grounds of corruption and a commission of Enquiry (SARKARIA) constituted to look into the charges.

MGR’s active participation in politics with his party even made Cong.(o) leader Kamaraj Forget about coming back to power. After the lifting of internal emergency, MGR with CPI as alliance partner wrested the power. MGR INDIRA combination worked out well and bagged all parliament seak leaving alone seat to DMK. After that MGR had been enjoying massive support from the people. Though there were charges against MGR and his Govt. his party had been successful this out. With the launching of Midday Meal Scheme MGR enjoyed the continued support of the electroate.

Though MGR is royal king of the party, he was not able to control the party and keep it intact. Gumpism in ADMK is a known story every where with different dimension MGR inducting his film heroin Selvi J. Jayalalitha in his party and making her Rajya Sabha member and Propoganda Secy are worthnoting. He brought her to ADMK and made use of her in party campaign. MGR was known for his sudden decisions and ideas. He changed his party name giving All India character by naming it as AIADMK. He even betrayed Indira Gandhi by giving assurance to support her in Tanjore Parliament seat and them withdrawing after Moraji (PM of India Desai intervention).

But MGR used to establish good rapport with Indira Gandhi and Cong.I high command throughout his life time. He was of the firm view that only Cong.I. could give a stable and good govt. Even after Indira Gandhi MGR established his rapport with Rajiv Gandhi. Rajiv Gandhi used to do whatever MGR liked. "KRISHNA WATER PROJECT, MID-DAY-MEAL SCHEME, THANJAVUR TAMIL UNIVERSITY", are the living monuments of MGR Govt., though his party is shattered with different groups claiming MGR legacy.

AIADMK is a party not form squables and splits. MGR expelled three frontline leaders on the grounds of their antiparty activities. (Mr. Kovai. Sezhiyan, P.Sreenivasan and G.Viswanathan were expelled). But they claimed that they group was ADMK. After few months this ADMK went out of scene. After few years his cabinet colleague SD. Somasundaram started a party called "NAMADHU KAZHAGAM" only to beback with MGR after one or years.

After MGR’s sudden death, the party was divided with one group under his wife and another with his hewin. But this group fight was between MGR’S one time Manager R.M.Veerappan and the MGR’S Heroin actress, with MGR’s two leave symbol frozen by Election Commissions. The defeat of both factions and DMK’s reemergence made them once again think and unit. The frozen symbol was restored to the united AIADMK and AIADMK reemerged victorions setting massive majority leaving DMK with one seat for its party present. J. Jayalalitha was accepted as true political heir of MGR. Jayalalitha govt.

Jaya's Deeplavali Greetings!

The effulgent image of Tamil Nadu is today enveloped in darkness in every sphere of its activity. In the name of Religion, Caste and Community the glory of Tamil Nadu is being tarnished with evil elements seeking to establish their roots. Extremists and Terrorists are being raised to the status of national icons, and the publicity that is being given to them is intolerable.

For the sake of one family's prosperity, Tamil Nadu in its entirety has been plunged into deep distress, with little desire left in the minds of the people to strike even the minuscule firework of joy. The Farmers, the Laborers, the Weavers and the people in various other walks of life are deprived of peace. This is the overall scene in today's Tamil Nadu.

In Tamil Nadu, where the law and order has broken down in all spheres, from this deepavali day onwards the lamps of joy should be lit in every home. The sound of fire works expressing the innate joy of the occasion, should resound throughout the Nation

We must once again see everywhere in Tamil Nadu the full flow of love, happiness and fraternal feelings. The people should lead peaceful lives, devoid of any violence. That wish will soon be fulfilled. From the enveloping darkness, light will emerge again. With these words, I extend my warm greetings to one and all on the occasion of Deepavali.

Amma's man forgot to vote!

All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam parliamentary party leader Sedapatti Muthiah Saturday forgot to cast his vote on the confidence motion in the Lok Sabha, Opposition sources said. Muthiah, excited by the margin of seven votes in favour of the combined opposition, kept the voting slip in his pocket by mistake.

The Opposition lost two more votes due to the absence of Rashtriya Janata Dal member Malati Devi and Communist Party of India member from Manipur Kim Gangte. Malati Devi is abroad for treatment.

Bahujan Samaj Party leader Mayawati was the most sought after person since morning. Speculation was rife that her party had reversed its decision to abstain. Reporters thronged the main entrance of the Parliament House waiting for her arrival. As she entered the main gate, she smilingly disarmed the correspondents saying ''there is no change.''

While she was inside the Lok Sabha, several leaders, including Bhajan Lal and Buta Singh, tried to talk to her. The entire Opposition protested when Parliamentary Affairs Minister P R Kumaramangalam attempted to convince her to support the government. National Conference member Saifuddin Soz was also seen in an animated discussion with her. Mayawati, who chose to attack the Congress virulently Friday night and announce that her party would abstain, ultimately voted against the government.

Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee spoke to her just minutes before the voting. Senior Congress leader Arjun Singh said his party president Sonia Gandhi too had a telephone conversation with the BSP leader. The House witnessed an interesting incident soon after the voting: arch rivals Rashtriya Janata Dal chief Laloo Prasad Yadav and former union minister Ram Vilas Paswan hugged each other at Vajpayee's fall.

Curtains for 'Iron Butterfly' Jayalalitha?

New Delhi, October 9 When she bid farewell to films in the late 1970s(or rather was compelled to quit), people in Tamil Nadu thought it was curtains for a vivacious actress and that they had seen the last of their chubby heroine Jayalalitha. But she was back within a span of fiveyears, looking delectable in party colour sari, cooingto babies in villages, listening responsively to petitioners at the party office of the All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (AIADMK), a shinning mascot for thethen ageing chief minister of Tamil politics,M G Ramachandran.

Today, even as she faces imprisonment, there are not many in Tamil Nadu who are ready to write off her career. The special court of Chennai today announced a three-year rigorous imprisonment term for the AIADMK chief over irregularities in the TANSI land deal case. Janata party president Subramania Swamy naturally strutted in Madurai that he felt "vindicated" as he had initiated the governor's sanction to prosecute her in 1995.

Even if Jayalalitha were to go for appeal, there are stillas many as six cases, including one of disproportionate accumulation of wealth to the tune of Rs 66.65 crore, that will continue to be a bottleneck for her to wriggleout of. Today, even as she faces imprisonment, there are not many in Tamil Nadu who are ready to writeoff her career Jayalalitha has a proven record of being an expert at comebacks. After M G Ramachandran's death, she was humiliated by members of the departed leader's family, who saw her as threat. But soon enough, the assembly was dissolved and fresh elections were held.

As an opposition leader in 1989,she was tenacious in giving a good fight to the old lion, Muthuvel Karunanidhi. Insulted and assaulted in the state assembly house, she pointed to her matted hair and torn clothes and vowed that she would enter the Tamil Nadu assembly only if Karunanidhi was ousted from power.

In 1992, she became chief minister, when P V Narashima Rao was Prime Minister of the country.She made life difficult for the PM by calling him names, and embarrassed him by supporting the kar sevaksas Rao writhed in the heat of the Babri Masjiddemolition. Yet, Rao went to her seeking her helpin the 1996 elections.

Like a woman possessed, she ruled the state in her grips, took the lands she wanted, plucked all the wealth she could, and outdid one lavish occasion by another. She was defeated in the state polls in 1996, but that did not stop her from being a regional satrap, commanding her will and wish.

Jaya poised to unseat DMK Govt in Tamil Nadu

Ever since the elections of 1977, the Tamil Nadu electorate has been polarised between M Karunanidhi's DMK and its offshoot, the AIADMK, floated by the legendary MGR and now dominated by his successor J Jayalalitha. The Congress and lesser parties have been reduced to playing balancing roles, helping or spoiling the chances of either of the two major Dravidian parties.

If, despite a relatively favourable public evaluation of its performance in office, the DMK finds the electoral odds heavily loaded against it today, it is largely due to Jayalalitha's shrewd sewing up of alliances - with the TMC, the Congress and S Ramdoss's PMK. In contrast, Karunanidhi has botched up his own alliance formation efforts, first by allowing the PMK to walkout of the NDA, and lately, by breaking up with Vaiko's MDMK. The prospective outcome is possibly a shocking defeat for the DMK-led NDA.

It is significant that Jayalalitha's current partners - the TMC, Congress and the PMK - had together polled 52 per cent of the popular vote in the 1999 Lok Sabha elections. The DMK-led NDA had then polled 47 per cent, including 8 per cent by the PMK and 6 per cent by the MDMK.

The preliminary Timespoll survey carried out between March 18 and 23 (when PMK had joined the AIADMK front but MDMK and TRC were still with the NDA) shows that the AIADMK-led alliance is in a position to net 150-170 seats against 70 to 80 for the DMK Front. An analysis of the voting trends suggests that in case there is no patch-up and the MDMK stays out of the alliance, the DMK Front may lose an additional 30 seats and end up with a tally of around 50 seats.

The parting of ways between DMK and MDMK may also unwittingly allow Jayalalitha to achieve her aim of forming a single party government, unbeholden to her alliance partners - something that may not be possible otherwise as her AIADMK is contesting only 141 seats.

With Jayalalitha deciding to move the high court to grant a stay on her conviction in criminal cases and allowing her to contest the polls, the stage is set for an intense drama surrounding her bid to assume power as chief minister.

The Timespoll survey was conducted by Development & Research Services (DRS) among a representative sample of 1,800 voters spread across 12 constituencies. The findings carry a margin of error of four percentage points.

Jaya mentioned about the scam carried by Fernandes in 1999 yes, in 1999 not after proved it today in 2001 but 2 years ago she did.The original piece is placed down!

Interview of Jaya on 31st march 1999 at New Delhi

But your objections to Fernandes's continuation in the defence ministry are much more serious than that.

Yes, of course.

You almost termed him an anti-national...

No, I did not use those words. What I said was, several serious allegations have been made, which involve not just allegations of corruption running into thousands of crores of rupees but also certain allegations which have a bearing on national security. So I feel that the defence minister's actions have proved to be a major embarrassment to the government. And if the government has really nothing to hide, if the defence minister says, as he says, that he has not really done anything wrong, then why should they be afraid to constitute a JPC, why should they be afraid to face a JPC?

So it was a big struggle to get them to agree to even a debate in Parliament. But now they have agreed to a debate. I have already gone on record as saying that if there has to be an end to this controversy -- one does not want a controversy to be prolonged forever, because now the Opposition is stalling proceedings in Parliament, the Budget could not be passed in the Rajya Sabha, that is a waste of public money, tax-payers' money -- we cannot afford to have this kind of disturbance, pandemonium, bedlam in the House all the time. So an end has to be found to this controversy.

That is why I suggested this solution: one, Admiral Bhagwat should be reinstated; or two, the defence minister should be shifted to another ministry.

Yesterday Fernandes presented before you his case, the circumstances and reasons for Bhagwat's dismissal. Are you happy with his explanation?

I do not want to comment on the presentation or explanation made by Mr George Fernandes. But he was here for 90, he spoke for 90 minutes. After that, even after that, my stand remains unchanged.

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